Star Wars Pancake Molds

star wars pancake molds
A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, someone made the greatest breakfast ever. Star Wars pancakes! Breakfast of champions. These pancake molds are available in either Vehicles or Heroes and Villains. The vehicles lets you make the Millennium Falcon, X-Wing Fighter and a Tie Fighter while the characters set is Darth Vader, Yoda, and Stormtrooper.
star wars heros pancake molds
To make your geeky pancakes, just place the molds on a pre-heated griddle. Pour in your pancake batter. Once one side is set, remove the molds and flip the geekcakes over. Then make more. Don’t worry if you burn your pancakes, just tell everyone those went to the Dark Side. It’s all about marketing, right George Lucas?

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