iMac Hamster Cage is the Geekiest Pet Housing Ever

imac hamster
The colored transparent housing of an old iMac makes a great geeky hamster cage. That’s exactly what one crafty Alaska guy thought and he went ahead and made one. And now he’s put it up for sale on eBay: iMac Hamster Cage. You would think this would be something that someone in Alaska would create during the long cold sunless winter months when you’re stuck inside but apparently some people like to sit inside all year long instead of taking advantage of the brief summer sun. Well his loss is your gain, if the price is right (and it’s $350, so maybe not). Great idea and execution. Not recommended for other small pets besides hamsters, due to the possibility of your rodent chewing it’s way to sweet freedom.

newlaunches via gizmodo

5 thoughts on “iMac Hamster Cage is the Geekiest Pet Housing Ever

  1. this is not a good cage its too small, you’re also using a wire wheel and cedar bedding which can be bad to the hamsters health

  2. Creative idea, but terribly small. That’s definitely hamster abuse. If you can attach tubes, maybe.

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