Pizzoni Transformable Grill Lets You Take It With You

Everybody loves to grill but normally barbecues are so big that unless you’re Magnus Ver Magnusson, Magnus Samuelsson, or even Mariusz Pudzianowski you’re not going to be hauling around a giant grill on your back when you travel (side note: Atlas Stones, Hercules Hold, and Husafell Stone FTW!).

If you had this beautiful aluminum cased Pizzoni transformable grill, you could fold up your barbecue and carry it with you everywhere you go (instant popularity). Everyone loves a dude who carries around his own barbecue. It’s not one of those wimpy little travel grills that you have to squat down on the ground to cook your meat on- this one is big and manly and on a stand.

It even has a sealed charcoal tray that’s claimed to help you avoid the mess. But really, isn’t the mess part of the fun? That subtle scent of charcoal on your fingertips? The basting juice splattered outside of the ‘cue, tempting you with it’s burnt on meat juices before you even open the grill up. Save the uber clean clinically spotless stainless steel cooking surfaces for the aftermath of a Ramsay’s Kitchen Nightmares, I want my grilling down and dirty.

gentlemen’s gadgets via gizmodiva

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