Jar Tops Give Your Jars Functionality

jar tops
Jars are a great thing for storing various food items but let’s face, they don’t really do too much. Your basic storage jar has a lid that keeps food fresh and that’s about it. If you want to remove the food items from the jars themselves, you usually need to grab some sort of utensil like a spoon or knife to help the food out. Your other option would be pour the food straight out of the jar but the wide mouth of most jars is definitely not ideal for pouring most things.

Jar Tops are the solution to this problem you never really knew you had (funny how that works, isn’t it?) Designed by Jorre van Ast, these sharp looking kitchen accessories screw right onto the top of most standard sized jars giving them additional functionality. The set of five caps includes a long handled pouring cap, an oil and vinegar cap, a cocoa shaker cap, creamer cap and a sugar shaker cap. Turn those boring old jars into handy pitchers, shakers and cruet sets. Available in either anthracite or dark green.

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