Motion Sensing Animated LED Sneakers from Step Up 3-D

Moritz Waldemeyer has created this awesome pair of motion sensing light up shoes for the movie Step Up 3D. You may remember Moritz as the guy who created the laser jacket for Bono on U2’s 360degree tour or Rihanna’s laser suit from the AMA’s or the Imogen Heap ‘Twitter Dress’ from the Grammy’s or the go-go dancer laser cage iPod dock we featured a few months back. The shoes look pretty sweet even when they’re not lit up:

Motion sensors inside the shoes create waves of LED lights that move across the sneaker in step with the dancers’ movements. The shoes are modified Creative Recreation trainers covered with flexible LED panels. Probably not worth the effort unless you wanted to see it anyway but you see them for about half a second (at 1:28) in the movie’s trailer. I really want a pair of these if only to distract the eye from my 1989 Hammerstyle dance moves in the clubs. Cool.

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56 thoughts on “Motion Sensing Animated LED Sneakers from Step Up 3-D

  1. I would love a pair of these. Dont care how much they cost, I need these shoes ๐Ÿ™‚ where ever can i find them?

  2. I have spent days trying to find out if these would ever go on salee!!!
    i need these shoess soo badlyy!!! yess where can i also find them? ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I want these shoes so bad ever thing i see them i want them more and more i want these shoe 4 my B-day November,6 i would be so happy 2 get these shoes

    1. hahaa I’m in SU3-D (not giving my real name) The shoes are motion sensing and are modified Creative Recreation trainers covered with flexible LED panels with presure triggers under the souls. They were made to distract you from the MC Hammer style danceing Adam (known as Moose in the movie) did in the movie. The ONLY way you can get them is if you were one of the b-boys in the scene of the movie (such as myself) where they switch on all the LED shirts/pants/ and shoes because they wanted all of us to have them on but decided it would make the movie better if only Adam had them on. They cost around $4,000 a shoe, not for the pair, but each shoe. They are very complexed to make, and take days to custom make. They look sick even when not switched on but when they are on it’s amazing However the batterys only last about two mins, which is another resone Adam only had them on in the movie.

      1. Which character were you in the movie? And also I know a guy who can get me those shoes. But either way if I dont get them I’d be blessed without them. But it did bring excitement to the people. I have been taking hip hop dancing since I was 5yrs. old. Now Im 16 Lol. Also when my family watched the movie on my Netflix account they thought it was funny and awesome that the little kids were in the movie. They even thought it was more funny when they were at the last battle. But I hope you get this message and hit me up on my e-mail. And Im teaching my little nephews hip hop dancing too. Lol.

  4. ich mรถchte auch ein paar von diese schuhe kaufen egal was es kostet und ich habe im internet die jacke mit lautsprecher wo der schwarze man mit uhr den jacke kontroliert und sound gibt wenn ihr was hรถrt bitte bei mir melden

  5. my younger brother is a new age dancer in the making. I took him to see this movie and his eyes lit up with these sneakers:):)
    I would absolutley love to motivate his new talent with a pair of these sneakers for christmas which is coming up. When will they be sold?

  6. Where and When Can we buy this shoes ??
    In The Love of God , anybodyy .. Answer my question .. (Or this website can answer the question) ..
    Thank you .

  7. its a waldemeyer creation, not a mainstream creative recreation
    i dont think it’ll come out to he wider public
    but maybe the artist will make a few pairs for a select few people to buy for a “reasonable” price (thats what i would do)
    too bad cause these kicks are sick
    i think i might try to make a pair ( prob wont be as gud but it worth a shot =p)

  8. they would probably cost 1000+. moritz waldemeyer sold a bike with LED smiley faces on the wheels for 4000 dollars.

  9. ohhh what a hot shoe, where can we get those hot kicks, i can’t wait ahhhhhhhhhhh really love them ๐Ÿ˜€

  10. tell me how to build them and i will if not then whennnnnnn r this things coming on saleee omg i want em so bad

  11. Where can i get these shoes i want them so bad i dnt care how much they cost im willing to pay for them i wanna catch the eye from everyone

  12. these shoes r from ‘Moritz Waldemeyer’, and specially created for the move ‘Step Up 3D’.
    as far as I know they’re not for sale :'(

  13. wer can i get some i rlly want some for my b,day im guna cry i rllllllllyyyyy want some of those shoes dame it

  14. what the?! I want it! Where we can find out? -.-” we need aswers! Those shoes are the best >.< HEY! WE NEED TO BUY THEM! HOW WE CAN FIND SOME??

  15. these are special shoes i have a pair u cant buy them u have to be in the movie they are custom made they cost 8,000$ or u would have to make them your self okay!!!!!!!

  16. Hey can somebody sell the shoes someone that have the but not whit that price i better make them by myself and how do you got them if only moose used them you were in the movie or someting i love to dance when i grew up i want to dance like in step up 3 and lmfao in party rock

  17. sorry for the bad ortografy i got confused and i dont speak english i speak spanish po favor digan donde encuentro estos zapatos quiero un par ahoraaa

  18. i really really want these shoes i cant wait till Christmas cuz they are going to the top of my wish list! Santa u better have some money cuz these arent easy to make xD

  19. I make and sell shoes like this, I actually did this style of creative rec. shoes for a friend of mine in a band. Yall e-mail me if you want pics of my work, or checkout my facebook, alien compass.

  20. Hello world! We create this shoe as well as special suits that you could watch the film, please contact us by e-mail and we will help you with the choice!

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