Stuck In Snow Extrication Kit

Don’t get your car stuck in the snow this Winter, get yourself a Stuck In Snow Extrication Kit. This portable kit comes with a metal-rimmed snow shovel, industrial ice scraper, swiveling snow brush and most importantly a grip track to lay under a spinning tire.

The grip track is nearly 3′ long and has internal stainless steel cables with independent rubber treads. Not only useful for snow, you can get your car out of ice, mud or sand too. The handle and shaft from the snow shovel is used with the other tools too, for extra reach. The whole kit takes up minimal trunk space and weighs only 11lbs. Super handy if you live in a snowbound area where getting stuck is a real possibility. I got stuck in my own (very short) driveway last year, so it can happen to anyone, anywhere. Better to be safe than stuck.

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