Sequin Pillow Reveals Nicolas Cage’s Face

The question isn’t why *would* you want a Nicolas Cage pillow, it’s why *wouldn’t* you want a Nicolas Cage pillow? Because of course you want the face of an national treasure on a throw pillow. The Nicolas Cage Sequin Pillow is 16″ by 16″ pillow cover with mermaid style sequins on it. At first it looks like a solid colored pillow but then when you brush the sequins in one direction, the face of a genius actor is revealed in all it’s glory.

Now sure, some might say that Nicolas Cage basically plays the exact same character in every single one of his movies. But to the haters I say, who cares?! Because that character is Nicolas freakin’ Cage, legend of Hollywood films, and now an even greater legend of home accessories.

The backside is a soft suede (we’re talking about the pillow here, the backside of the actual Nicolas Cage is more of a soft leather, perhaps even rich Corinthian leather, or so we’ve heard). Pick a Nic pillow today and rest your head on a man who doesn’t rest his head- because he’s in like 8 movies a year, every year. How does he do it? We don’t know but we do know that we’re all better for it. Thank you Nic.