Glow in the Dark Pac-Man Ghosts Lounge Pants

Upgrade your existing Pac-Man pajamas into something even cooler with a pair of glow in the dark Pac-Man Ghosts Lounge Pants. This comfy black lounge pant is festooned with those lovable 80’s enemies Inky, Blinky, and Clyde. Where’s Pinky? Well it’s a long story involving a power pellet and a long chase around an endless maze but you can see Pinky when you turn the lights out- glowing in his blue edible ghost form.

Would probably look awesome paired with a Pac-Man top. This officially licensed merchandise is made of 100% cotton with an elastic waist, external drawstring, open fly and most importantly side pockets. You need those pockets otherwise you’ll have to hold your cell phone in the waistband and walk like a hunched over peg-leg pirate to avoid having it slip out. Been there, Applecared that.