Microchip Activated Pet Feeder

microchip pet feeder
Tell your pets to keep their paws to themselves with the Microchip Activated Pet Feeder. This pet bowl has a lid that automatically opens when the pet with the microchip walks nears it. The microchip tag attaches to your dog or cat’s collar and works via an infrared signal. When the pet approaches within 2 feet of the bowl, the lid opens and it’s feeding time.
microchip activated pet feeder
You can assign multiple chips to a single bowl or have separate bowls assigned to separate chips. Great if you have multiple pets that like to eat each other’s foods (the little ones are always the sneakiest!) as well as for keeping anyone else out of the food bowl (like babies or mice or baby mice!). The microchip is inside a small water-resistant plastic case that attaches to your fur baby’s collar. The dishwasher safe bowl holds 1.5 cups of food and has a switch for humans to open and close the lid manually.