Mom-o-Matic and Dad-o-Matic Makes Being a Parent Easy

Being a parent involves knowing a few key phrases that you have to repeat to your kids over and over again. You also have to provide food for your kids and I think that pretty much sums up all of parenting in a nutshell. Food and yelling. Well with the Dad-O-Matic and the Mom-O-Matic you no longer have to repeat those sayings over and over again- the ‘o-matics do it for you. Just press the corresponding button to hear one of six key parenting phrases. The Mom-o-matic says things like “Do you think Daddy can do it?” and “Not in your mouth, sweetie!” and in case of emergency, press the panic button for “Look – a pony!”.

These handy gadgets are voiced by professionals and are ergonomically designed for the “grip of rage”. Any parenting problem can be solved with these devices which can be fit onto your keychain for on-the-go parenting. Both Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are coming up soon and these would make great gifts!