Mommy I’m Here Kids Tracking Device

Kids have a tendency to take off running as soon as they seem something shiny or breakable and expensive. The Mommy I’m Here Tracking Device gives you some peace of mind by letting you know if your wee one has wandered off too far. The device is two parts- a cute bear that clips on to your kid’s belt, shoe, or backpack and the pocket sized keychain receiver for you the responsible parent.

If your kid somehow wanders off more than 25 feet away from you, the transmitter will beep to alert you. If you still don’t see your child, press the button and that cute bear will let out a 90db alarm so you can find your little mall explorer pronto. The unit has a 150 foot range which means you have from the time your child is 25 feet away until they are 150 feet away to spot them or press the alarm button. If your kid runs from 25 to 150 feet away faster than you can press the button then I have the phone number of a Olympic Track and Field coaches who would like to speak with you.

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