Electronic Food Bite Counter

Ever wanted to know exactly how many bites you take in a day? No? Me neither. But the fact that you CAN find out is just peachy (38 bites in a peach, btw). The Kami Kami sensor, from Japan (natch), attaches to your jawbone and is attached via wire to a fish-shaped device that shows you the number of bites you’ve taken on a screen. It makes noises after ever 30 and 1000 bites to encourage kids to chew more.

Apparently video games are making kids today so lazy that they won’t even fully chew their food without some sort of electronic motivation. Back in my day, we chewed all our food, by ourselves, without any of these fancy electronic gadgets and gizmos the kids have these days. And we did it uphill in the snow. Bah. Kids.

Kami Kami (japanese site) via crunchgear

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