Daddy and Me Cassette Tape iPod Onesie for Babies

Things have changed since we were kids. This adorable onesie for babies from the Hello Banjo folks tells the whole story. Mix tapes are what daddy listened to. iPods are for me. The way we listen to music has completely changed in just one generation. This onesie will probably look hysterically outdated when our kids have kids. But for now, it’s spot on, witty and super cute.

I actually saw this being sold by the Hello Banjo crew at a local crafts fair here in Brooklyn a few months back (I thought you guys were going to make some monkey stuff?!) and bought it for my kid- he’s wearing it right now in fact. It’s printed on American Apparel cotton, so just like their adult tee shirts, they run slightly tight but are super soft. Sweet babywear.

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