Dog-o-Matic Washing Machine for Dogs

Yes this is real! French inventor Romain Jarry has created the Dog-o-Matic, which is essentially a giant washing machine for dogs. It takes about a half hour and prices range from around $20-$45 depending on the size of your pooch. You select the dog size and wash cycle, put your dog in the big door and press start. Despite the photo of that dog trying to claw his way out of the machine, the inventor insists that the dogs don’t mind. There’s one (apparently successful) machine in France now and Jarry wants to bring them to England soon. I know my dog is almost impossible to get into the bath, so I could see something like this being somewhat useful as a forced bath for him, but it does look a little uncomfortable for dogs.

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  1. Hi to all,
    I just would like to clear some points.
    The girl on the picture is the owner of the dog and also a customer.
    I didn’t create that cabin (spanish company) but the concept which is a dog washing place where pet’s owner can wash them easily without dirtying their bathroom.
    The automatic cabin takes the concept of a water jets shower obviously softer than for humans (nothing is turning inside the washing space for people which were thinking this). Shampoo is similar of a shampoo for baby adapted to dogs and cats (doesn’t hurt eyes and hears).
    In case of dog’s panic, owners can push the stop button or open the door. Like that cycle is stopping and restart when you close the door or release stop button. After washing something like 50 dogs in 7 opening weeks, I’ve never see problems with dogs. Even if I get the case, owners can finish to wash or dry their pet themselves with the manual washing cabin.
    Have you ever wash a dog which doesn’t want to be wash…it’s almost impossible. The advantage of this kind of cabin comparing the manual one is because you don’t have human intervention, the dog quiet by himself. I saw a lot of dogs very cool inside the cabin and that was surprising the owner because they said to me that it was a pain to wash them by hand.
    Please have a look of the video of my site:
    I thank you for my right of reply

    1. buna ziua,sunt din Romania si as fi intresat de o astfel de masina dog 0 matic,astept cu nerabdare date tehnice,pret,livrare,cu stima dorel sterpan

  2. Hello everybody,

    I would like to highlight the fact that the cabin is produced in Spain.
    There are veterinary certificates which clearly prove that there is no harm for the animals. If someone feels the need to see it, I would not mind to send it via mail.

    Any other information, I will be pleased to answer.

  3. As a dog trainer and behavior specialist for over 20 years I can tell you all from expirence that this contraption is abuse. It can cause so much damage to your pet and could even cause a stress induced heart attack. This is just plain abuse and laziness. We are outraged that someone would invent something like this! Would you put yourself in a washing machine? This is wrong wrong wrong. How anyone could put there beloved pet into this thing I don’t understand. The dog in the picture is terrified and enclosing them like that will do so much mental damage.
    Please voice your concern, I know I will be tell everyone I know about this stupid device and I would encourage all to do the same. Wash your dog yourself! If you are too lazy to wash your dog then maybe you shouldn’t own one!

    1. Cannot agree more; I cannot imaging how the dog in the picture is feeling, the stress he/she is experiencing, it’s abuse.

  4. I really think that people like Christina & Jutta are overreacting. I owe three dogs, and they hate being washed in the bathroom. They are terrified and absolutely crazy while my wife or I try to wash them. I do not think that our presence or our voices or our hands makes them feel better, and they try as hard as possible to get rid of us. I have the impression that the dogs showed in this movies and in others I have seen seem very comfortable, at least much more than mine in my bathroom! If there are studies that prove there is no harm made to the animals, I do not see a problem at all. And I agree with the manufacturer, the owner has always the right and possibility of stopping the process in the middle. I do not feel right that you are trying to make the machine be “blamed”, if you do not like it, do not use it! But don’t try to stop other people to do it, doing this would be an interference in others lives (unless there is a proven harm performed by the machine, which I am assuming it is not true). An yes, I would put myself in a washing machine, if the process was harmless, efficient and faster than I could do it. I understand that for some people automation can be a fairly scaring thing, but the truth is it makes everyone’s life much better, when used correctly.
    I accept suggestions on how to make my dogs fell better during the bathroom while being washed…

  5. Thirty minutes of cruelty and terrorizing animals. Don’t attempt to bring this state side. This sort of abuse will not be tolerated.

  6. I can see the point in that invention – bathing my dog (he liked to roll around in dirt, the smellier the better) is such a pain. But honestly, the little guy on the photo does not look happy at all! 🙂

  7. Bathing my dog is another bonding experience between me and my dog; toddlers also make mess in the bathroom when they are bathed, is there a machine to wash them in? If cleaning up a room after bathing a dog is that much a hassle for the dog owner, he/she should just get a gold fish instead.


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