MP3 Player for Kids 0-8

Sweatpea mp3 player for kidsIs your kid begging for an MP3 player despite not even being able to talk? Then the Sweatpea3 is the perfect gadget for you. Rated for kids 0-8, this Mp3 player has 256MB of memory, an external speaker, and is encased in kid-proof rubber. It has simple controls for your kid to use (except for the whole hooking it up to the computer and putting songs on it part). Don’t worry, your toddler is too young to realize it’s not a real iPod. And honestly is there anything better in this world than a kid with a portable boombox playing the Wiggles on repeat? I know when I was 0-8, it was all I would have wanted. Available in blue and violet for $89.

available at Sweetpea via CrunchGear