BluDangle Totally Defeats the Purpose of a Wireless Bluetooth Headset

Let me summarize what BluDangle is in three words: piece of string. A $20 piece of string. A string to attach to your bluetooth earpiece so you don’t lose it. A string that turns your wireless headset into one with a wire-like string dangling from it thus defeating the purpose of going wireless.

Ok maybe I’m not giving BluDangle enough credit, it’s actually more than just a string- it’s a string with a clip. An unnecessarily strong clip and string- “high strength and long life stainless steel clothing clips and 25lb tinsel strength magcord”. It comes with a lifetime guarantee which doesn’t quite make up for the fact that it costs more than the device it’s holding. When not in use you can even just let your bluetooth earpiece dangle from your shirt, attached to your BluDangle like a toddler’s pacifier.

via tastybooze

3 thoughts on “BluDangle Totally Defeats the Purpose of a Wireless Bluetooth Headset

  1. Dude.. this is a great idea.

    I swear to Christ I have lost 3 $100 headsets (i think a co-worker stole ONE of them off my desk) in a years time! This idea is on the money!

    I don’t know anyone that uses a crap $20 BT, all the cheap ones suck. I want one of these things, I could give a crap LESS of what you think it would look like on me!

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