Over the Top: The Handgrip iPhone Charger

This one’s just slightly over the top- the handgrip iPhone charger. You use the power gripper to charge up your iphone or iPod using just your muscle strength. While a green gadget and a solid concept in theory, there’s a slight problem with this: no geek out there is going to have the handstrength to charge up his own gadgets! That one jacked up geek on Beauty and the Geek aside, geeks are not particularly known for being strong. In fact, they’re known for spending long hours rigging up devices that will allow them to have to exert the least amount of physical activity possible. It’s brain over brawn. Fail gadget.

via ecofriend

One thought on “Over the Top: The Handgrip iPhone Charger

  1. This is a photoshop.

    Now, unlike a lot of people, I will back up my claims unlike a lot of people who scream “shopped” just to troll.

    The main issue with this “charger” that leads me to conclude its a photo shop is the fact that there is no actual energy capture device on the unit. What I mean is, you can see there is the spring, the clip to keep the unit from overextending, the handles, and nothing else. There is no dynamo or generator to take the kinetic movement energy and convert it into electricity. All we are looking at here is a standard hand exercise spring. If there was a device, you would either see it covering the spring with clamps on either side of the spring or you would see one of the handles larger than the other with a rod connecting them.

    Once again, this unit is a photoshop and I am surprised this was even posted. Remember everyone, not everything on the internet is real. Just sit back for a moment and critically think about what you are looking at and if it seems reasonable for it to work.

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