Chinese Food Takeout Container Laundry Hamper

takeout hamper
No that’s not a gigantic sized order of Chicken Lo Mein, it’s a hamper. The Takeout Container Laundry Hamper is a two foot tall holder for your dirty laundry. Did you spill some sweet and sour sauce on your pants while trying to pass the General Tso’s chicken across the table? Put those dirty pants right into your Chinese food takeout container laundry bag (wait until you get home though, don’t just drop trough right in the restaurant).
chinese takeout laundry bag
It has a handy strap so you can carry it to the laundromat. Because with a hamper this cool, you certainly want to show it off (just make sure to quickly toss your dirty underwear into the washer before the hottie at machine number 5 notices). The great thing about this hamper is that after you do your laundry, 30 minutes later you’re in the mood to do more laundry.
take out box laundry hamper top
The side of the hamper has a picture of clothing piled up and the top is appropriately checked off. It’s made of 100% polyester with metal support poles and a rope handle. The top flaps close up with a velcro-type enclosure. Chopsticks not included.