Flapjack Octopus iPhone Case

flapjack octopus case
Wrap up your iPhone in a squishy cephalopod. This Flapjack Octopus iPhone Case looks just like the deep sea octopus. You might recall the character Pearl from Finding Nemo (“Awwww! You guys made me ink!”) was a Flapjack Octopus. This case is a bit of an oddball as it bulges out from the back of your phone, so make some extra room in your pockets.
flapjack octopus iphone case
The Flapjack Octopus is also known as the pancake devilfish which is a pretty badass name if I don’t say so myself. The case is made of silicone and kind of looks like a UFO. Unfortunately you’ll have to take the case off to access the camera or to charge it, so it’s somewhat impractical. But it looks really cool.