Octopus Chair

This Octopus Chair, designed by Maximo Riera is pretty badass. It’s part of his animal series of furniture with intrigue. It looks like something that an underwater king would be ruling Atlantis from (or inside Spongebob’s pineapple):

He made it with a CNC milling maching to cut foam blocks to make the initial shape, before gluing, sanding, and hand painting it. I definitely want one for my aquarium room, sushi veranda or the sea creature lounge in the animal inspired wing of my house. Sure, if your living room is filled with furniture like a counter height stool, mid-century modern industrial coffee tables, or couches with weird Scandinavian names from Ikea, it might not be a great fit, but for an eclectic collection or Lenny Kravitz’s living room- yeah perfect. (via design boom)

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