Backyard Zipline!

backyard zipline in action
There is no better way to get from one end of your yard to the other than with a zipline. This Kids’ Zipline lets you setup a little bit of awesomeness right in your yard, campground, a park, or anywhere. Well maybe not the beach or a wide open field but you get the idea. The kit comes with everything you need to set up a personal zipline.
outdoor zipline parts
Just anchor the ropes to any healthy trees at least a foot in diameter (or a similar type object). Stretch out the 90 foot steel cable zipline to a second object and loop the bungee cord around it. Setup requires only an adjustable wrench, hand pliers, and a second person.
backyard zipline
Now let the fun begin! There’s a removable seat if you wish. A hard plastic block brings the ride to a gradual stop. The zipline can support “kids” up to 250lbs and it can be adjusted to different rider heights, so go ahead moms and dads have your fun too. I’d love to set up one of these and zip out to my garage every day- who has time to walk 90 feet when you’re late for work? Be a little more awesome.