Page Turner Lamp is 24 Lamps in 1

page turner lamp
Can’t find a desk lamp that suits your unique personality? Make your own! The Page Turner Lamp is a working lamp within a flipbook. The book has 6 different cool lamp designs you can flip through plus there are another 6 blank pages so you can draw your own unique lamp design. It’s USB powered, so you’ll need to keep it close to your computer (or just use a USB outlet wall plug and put it anywhere). Yes, it really lights up:
page turner usb lamp
The Page Turner Lamp comes with 2 different lamp shades- red and white. 2 shades and 12 pages, that’s 24 possibilities- close to having a different lamp for every day of the month. Or doodle your lamp design in pencil, erase and redraw a new one every single day of your life. Forever. Why not?

Check it out: