TonSchrein v. 2.0: Insane 4 Foot Tall Gothic iPad Speaker Dock

He’s baaaaaaack. Do you remember a few months back when Georg Dinkel created a ridiculously ornate iPad dock? Well now he’s one-upped himself with a nearly 4 foot tall Gothic Medieval skyscraper of an iPad speaker dock. Yes that’s an iPad dock, check out the iPad on the closeup:

Inside is a 2-way 25 watt speaker system in the bottom part, LED lighting, and a Lightning connector to plug in the iPad. This thing is made of polymer clay, wood, metal powders, metal leaf, acrylic stone, and a whole lot of creativity (and presumably time too). Here’s the backside.

There’s a bit more info on his website, along with a video interview with Georg (in German, so hopefully you speak it, otherwise you can just see the imagery). Amazing work. Can’t wait to see version 3.

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