Most Over the Top iPhone Dock Ever

Our favorite Bavarian photographer and one-of-a-kind Apple accessory maker Georg Dinkel has done it again. You might remember him from such over the top creations as this Ridiculously Ornate iPad Dock or this Gothic Inspired iPad Dock. Well this time he’s gone off the deep end and created the iReliquary, a 31″ tall church-like shrine to the iPhone. Underneath all that glitz and glam is a 35 watt 2.1 sound system with the subwoofer under the dome and 4 tweeters in the towers.
ireliquary back
Georg made this incredible iPhone dock from wood, polymer clay, rhinestones, gold and silver powder, and electronics. There’s a lightning connector to power the iPhone and Bluetooth to connect to the speakers. The craziest part about all this? Georg doesn’t even own an iPhone!!!! Watch the video below for a closer look at this insanity:

Awesome job, Georg.