Memo Pad Organizer Holds Supplies in the Paper

Here’s a cool little desktop organizer, it’s the all-in-one Memo Pad Organizer. It’s a thick notepad holding 380 sheets of paper with cutouts at the top to hold your desk supplies. What’s cool, besides the style, is that your writing tools and paper are always in the same spot. It comes in one of three different styles. The notepad itself is perforated below the cutouts so your pencils won’t topple over as you use up the paper.

Each of the three different styles comes with matching desk supplies to fill in the holes. It’s made entirely of recycled paper, which makes this a very green organizer. It measures a bit over 5″ by 8″ and prices range from $63-$74. If that’s a little too rich for you and you are handy, you could DIY something similar with a Dremel (not sure how you’d perforate the paper though- anyone?).

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