Lego Hulk from the Toy Fair

We’re back from the New York Toy Fair 2012 and look what we saw- a Lego Hulk. Now sure, you are probably saying to yourself big deal, I can make the Incredible Hulk out of Legos on my lunch break. Well first of all, how long is your lunch break? Secondly, make sure you eat something with some protein so you don’t get the 3 o’clock lulls. Thirdly, could you really make a Hulk THIS FREAKIN’ BIG?

Yeah I didn’t think so, tough guy. The temptation to just smash that Hulk to bits (uhh “accidentally” of course) or at least karate chop his arm was quite strong. I wonder if they glued the pieces…only one way to find out. Hulk Smash!