DIY WiFi Controller for a Keurig

diy keurig
Get your morning coffee brewing without getting out of bed! Sure they do make some coffee machines with built-in timers but what if your schedule is irregular? (Insert your own “coffee keeps you regular” joke here). One hero Instructables user made his own WiFi powered controller for his Keurig machine.

There are extensive details at the link above if you’re actually going to build your own but the basic idea is to use an Arduino Yun wired to his coffee machine, then connected via a router to a web page he made. He simply uses his smartphone to go to the page, clicks a link and it tells the Arduino to open the circuit and turn on the coffee maker. By the time he gets to the kitchen, coffee is brewed. Of course he has to pre-load the machine with a K-cup and water each night. It’s a pretty extensive workaround to getting out of bed, but like they say- laziness is the mother of invention.