Multimedia Photo Clock

Everybody gets more sleep with the Multimedia Photo Clock. This clock teaches kids when it’s ok for them to wake up and when they need to stay in bed- so you and the kids get more sleep. Win, win. At the time you set, the digital background changes from moon to sun to let them know it’s time to get up.

We’ve seen other clocks like this but what makes this one unique (and super cool) is that you can set the background image yourself! That means it basically is functioning as both a clock and a digital picture frame. Which means that not only is it useful for kids, adults can use it too. Put it on your desk at work and have the image change from a spreadsheet during the day to a party hat and beer at 5pm. Put it on your nightstand and wake up to whatever it is that gets you going in the morning (maybe some hotties on a beach or a giant cup of coffee with eggs and bacon, or hotties on the beach eating bacon, whatever), while setting a calming nighttime image as well.

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