Vacation Countdown Timer Clocks

Summer’s officially here and that means only one thing: wasting time in your office until your vacation while quietly cursing your annoying co-worker who keeps saying “vacay”. These vacation countdown clocks will let you know exactly how much time you have left to finish up your work waste before it’s time to j to the e to t. The countdown clock shown above is from PKid and has a nice beach background.

The Mini Vacation Countdown Clock above comes with a book that’s probably not as exciting as the one you’re going to read when you’re off work and relaxing by the water.

The Countdown Clock – Vacation Edition (Time To Go) is a great little clock with a palm trees and sunset image that helps to relieve stress as you feel the maxing and relaxing getting closer and closer.

This inviting looking Vacation Countdown Timer is a keychain, so you can carry it with you at all times and always know exactly how much time is left till you’re outta there (even though mentally you’re already outta there).

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