Sea Squirts Life Jackets with Fins

Water safety is something we take very seriously here at Craziest Gadgets. In fact we once witnessed a man drowning and there was someone there who wouldn’t help and we wrote a song about it that became a number one hit “In the Air Tonight”. True story. Anyway in all seriousness, with kids and water you want them to be safe. But you also want them to have fun. With these super fun and safe Sea Squirts life jackets and swim assist vests from Opa Cove, kids can do both. Each one has a fin on the back so kids can pretend they’re fish or sharks.

In fact they come in Killa Whale, Clownfish, Grrreat White Shark, Pink Dolphin, Blue Dolphin and Angelfish with a color scheme to match each. But that fin isn’t just for looking cool and pretending to be Jaws and scaring the wits out of anyone nearby, it’s also a safety device. It’s strong enough to grab onto and pull the child out of the water with.

Each Sea Squirt life jacket is a Type III U.S. Coast Guard certified Personal Flotation Device. The swim assist vests have 3 removable flotation inserts to match the child’s swim level buoyancy needs. The fin lies flat when the wearer is sitting on a chair or boat. They come in three sizes with varying armhole sizes for a better fit for around $39-49 each.

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