Bicycle iPhone Holder is Either Genius or Dangerous

I’m on the fence as to whether this iPhone holder for your bicycle is the greatest invention ever or an accident just waiting to happen. It’s definitely safer than holding the phone in your hand while biking. And I could see the utility in having the phone set on your handlebars but I somehow think that it’s just too complicated a device to be mounted on a bicycle and could easily cause the cyclist to become distracted and crash his bike. Trying to finesse a touchscreen device while in motion on road- that might just be trouble.

3 thoughts on “Bicycle iPhone Holder is Either Genius or Dangerous

  1. I purchased a comparable product and had the misfortune of having my iPhone 3GS pop off while going over a cobblestone-paved street. My screen was shattered and I had to rush to the Apple store and pay $200.00 to get it replaced. Fortunately I was covered by my credit card insurance for this cost.

    Except for this one fatal flaw, this product would be a real winner. As it is, I haven’t dared use the bicycle mount since this incident.

    I don’t know if this particular iPhone mount has the same problem, but I caution potential buyers to be careful. My vendor now has a notice on their site advising the use of a “lanyard” to secure the iPhone to the cradle for rough terrain. In my opinion, their product shouldn’t require supplemental purchases.

  2. I bought one and it lasted 2 weeks. The inside mechanism is plastic and it broke. It’s pretty useless.

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