Steve Jobs Head in Pixel Art 3D on your Desk

Hail to your mighty leader Apple fanboys! Get yourself the three dimensional 8 bit pixelated Steve Jobs bust for your desk, kid’s room, kitchen, office or bathroom. There’s no room in your house where this would not be a fine addition to your decor. Offered by 3D printing company Shapeways this $128 sandstone bust was designed by Dutch Sevensheaven design studio. It’s hollow on the inside (some would say just like the real Steve Jobs- zing!) so you can fill it with whatever you want. PC fans, it’s great for target practice.

The back of the Steve Jobs bust! This head measures approximately 5.5 inches tall by 4 inches wide and 2.25 inches deep, so probably a bit too small to make it into the most awesome case mod ever. Personally I’m going to buy a whole army of these and set them up around my property like the geek version of Easter Island… I shall dub it Geekster Island.

via gizmodo