The First Gameboy iPhone 4 Case

Take a look at the video below showing what one of Craziest Gadget’s fine readers created. He’s billing it as the Original Gameboy iPhone 4 case and I think it truly is the world’s first. He actually cut open the top of a real Gameboy in order to squeeze in his new iPhone4.

Due to size differences between the Gameboy screen and the iPhone’s screen, you can only see the time through the case (which is actually more than you can say for other cases) and it’s a little tricky getting the phone out of the case. The battery compartment can be used to store the headphones- if you really push ’em in there. With a Gameboy game inserted into the back, the whole thing becomes a pretty stealthy case for the iPhone.

Rap soundtrack might be very slightly NSFW, so turn the volume down if your boss is nearby. Thanks for the tip wannabprogramma, and if any other readers have a geeky project they’ve been working on, send it in!