Vintage Clear Star Wars Gameboy System

There’s an interesting auction up on eBay for a Vintage Star Wars Gameboy. For $275 you get the rare limited edition 1997 Nintendo Gameboy in it’s original box, complete with full on Star Wars branding. Although from the looks of it, the Star Wars branding extends to everything except the GameBoy itself (which is clear!). Cool retro video game item.


One thought on “Vintage Clear Star Wars Gameboy System

  1. Hi…I need advice. I have a limited edition Star Wars set. The GameBoy is clear and comes in a Starwars box with game and manual. I cannot find another like this on the web so I think it is very RARE. Does anyone know of a collector or collectors website that may be able to help me value this ot just point me in the right direction? Thankyou

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