Papa, Paparazzi: Video Camera with Telescope Lens

super zoom videocamera
Sure, this is nothing but a cheap video camera from Chinavision but look at the size of that telescopic lens! Dang. That’s an 8x optical zoom. I won’t bother giving you any more specs since I wouldn’t recommend a $97 video camera of this type to any of my readers but hey, look at the lens.

via redferret

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  • […] For the average consumer, a video camera with a decent level of magnification is probably somewhat rare, I suppose. I don’t honestly know since I’ve never shopped for a video camera. I can only assume, since this camera has a gigantic lens on it. It’s perfect for people who like taking video of wild animals, but don’t want to worry about hunting down term life insurance quotes for filming bears. This is a cheap-o camera, that I would probably pass on buying- unless you like throwing your money away. That sure is one big telescope lens… are you trying to compensate for something that you’re missing? source […]

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