USB Cupwarmer Hub and Clock

Clearly the hot trend in technology today is desktop convergence. As more and more devices become available in USB-powered versions you will then need more and more USB ports and hubs. The more USB devices you can hook up on your desk, the better, in my opinion. You can never have enough cool gadgets and toys on your desk.

This is a useful gadget as it will keep your coffee (or tea!) cup warm as well as give you a clock and some extra USB ports to plug other junk into. Very handy in an office situation because you know as soon as you make yourself a piping hot beverage, your boss or a client is going to call you and keep you distracted for the next 25 minutes for something that could have been handled with a simple 10 second email, all the while your drink is getting cold.

product page via geeky-gadgets

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