Intelliscanner Mini Personal Barcode Scanner

The Intelliscanner Mini is a personal sized barcode scanner and home organization machine. These days almost every consumer product out there has a barcode. With the Intelliscanner Mini you can scan all the items in your collections and use the included organizational software to keep track of what you have, whether it’s a wine collection, groceries, books, cds, dvds, comic books or just a general home inventory. If you have a lot of stuff, scanning them in by barcode will quickly let you know exactly what you have.
Intelliscanner can keep track of who you lend your items out to. It can make grocery lists for you- just scan the items in your pantry as you use them up and when you’re ready to head to the store you’ll have a list of what you need. The device is battery powered and has a laser scanning engine. Spring cleaning time is here, why not start to get your household organized?

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