Razor Phone Can Really Shave You (and Make Calls)

Maybe you’ve heard of a semi-popular phone called the RAZR? This is not that phone. The Cool 758 is a razor phone. Yes it’s a regular cellphone you can make calls on but open up the hatch on the bottom and:

It’s a real electric shaver! The $112 phone has all your standard cellphone features: 2.6″ screen, 0.3MP camera, MP3 capabilities, Bluetooth, dual SIM cards, FM radio, etc etc etc. Plus you can shave your face with it. I can’t see anyone using this as their primary shaving tool but maybe for a late afternoon touch-up on the five o’clock shadow or to get that embarrassing spot you missed shaving but don’t notice until 4 hours later. Neat idea.

product page via itechnews