Twinkling Stars Light Up Skirt

You’re a star, baby! You might have stars in your eyes but now you can have them on your clothes too. This skirt just looks like a normal ombre skirt that you’d wear to work, school, shopping, or out and about but it’s so much more. It’s the Twinkling Stars Skirt and just flip the little switch and 250 tiny LED lights illuminate the skirt in constellation arrangements. Now you’re ready for a night out on the town- go dancing and do a dip atop the Big Dipper. Light up a room and light up your life.

The lights have 3 settings: on, twinkle, and off. The skirt consists of a see-through constellation layer, a white gauze layer, and the white liner. A battery pack (3 AA batteries, not included) tucks into a pocket in the elastic waistband. That’s enough power to keep the lights lit for 72 hours of use. We’d recommend maybe not wearing it (or anything) for 72 hours straight, just saying.

The battery packs, lights, and strands of wire for the lights are all removable for washing (the skirt, don’t try to wash the batteries, trust us). Awesome. And you can just wear it as a normal skirt without the battery pack if you don’t want to freak out the squares. But we know what your skirt can do…and we like it. Comes in a range of sizes for everyone.