Constellation Earrings

constellation earrings
They say some people have stars in their eyes. Others can have stars in their ears. Literally, with these Constellation Earrings. There are two different sets of earrings available: Big Dipper/Little Dipper and Orion/Cassiopeia. The earrings are made of sterling silver with white topaz chips for the stars.
orion earring
That’s elegantly geeky. You can rotate them downward and wear them as a dangle earrings too. Great for astronomy fans and people who like stars (isn’t that everyone?). Scientifically proven to be stylish.
stars earrings in use
When you wish upon a star, your ears ring true. Or something like that. If the stars align, you might be my lucky star and find these out of this world gifts under your star-topped tree this Christmas.