Levitating Rotating Planter

Take your plant game up a level with a hovering planter. Floating plants- not just for astronauts anymore. The Lyfe Planter is a levitating 12-sided geodesic molded silicon planter. It sits above a solid rectangular oak base (which has six sides, I counted, twice). It doesn’t sit on the base, it’s above it. High above. Floating above. How does it work? Magnets. (Magnets, how do they work?)

Designed in Sweden, because of course it was, by a group called Flyte, Lyfe has an embedded electromagnetic coil in the oak base. A magnet in the bottom of the planter keeps it afloat. But wait, there’s more. No longer does the back side of your plants need to suffer from a lack of light and hurt feelings because nobody ever sees that side. Problem solved- this thing also rotates. Well the top planter part does anyway, the base stays… planted.

The planter is not particularly large at around 4″ diameter but look how freakin’ cool it looks when you get a few of them lined up. Imagine sitting in a circular room completely surrounded by floating plants, doing some weird yoga pose for your Instagram account. Exhale. You do need to plug each one in, so maybe get the surge protector ready. We’re living in the golden age of levitation my friends. It’s the astronaut ice cream of the botany world.