Pants Shirt

pants shirt
Get your pants and shirt all in one single garment of awesomeness with the Pants shirt. It can be hard to find jeans that fit you but it’s pretty easy to find a shirt that fits you. With pants on a shirt, you get the pants without the hassle of worrying about whether or not they make your ass look huge (they do, maybe you should lay off the second lunch). Pull up your shirt pants even higher than the highest mom jeans.
pants shirt2
These crowdsourced shirts come from 4chan or Reddit or both or something like that. You can figure it out. The important thing to note is that you get a shirt that has dungarees right on it. Blue jeans, dungarees, Sassons they say, Sassons they say so much. Now you can finally go into restaurants and other public places bottomless. “Sir, we require you to wear pants in this establishment”. “I’m wearing pants… on my shirt”. Can’t argue with that. I’m still holding out of the jorts shirt.