Clean Cup Portable Beer Pong Ball Washer

clean cup
There are two things guaranteed to make your weekend a little bit better- beer pong and clean balls. We’re talking about ping pong balls (I think). End the use of the primitive “wash cup” to dip your balls in to clean them off and get your balls cleaner with the Clean Cup. Golf courses have a dedicated ball washer, so why not other sports like beer pong? How does it work? Magic:
clean cup in use
Drop your ball in and press the button. 5 seconds later thanks to a stream of high powered water and a reusable filter, it’s clean. Even someone who just lost 10 rounds in a row of beer pong could do it (probably). This kickstarter is underway and if successful you can have clean balls just in time for back to school in the Fall. Keep your balls clean and your beer crisp.

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