Sneakers On a Power Line Lighting

sneakers power line light
Get that urban chic look in your own home with this lighting system that looks like pairs of sneakers tossed over a power line. The Shoe Toss light is made of porcelain shoes molded after a real pair of tattered sneakers. Inside the shoes are lights that cast a warm glow when turned on:
sneakers power line lit up
The “power lines” do actually carry electricity- from the wall plug up the wall unit and down through the laces of the shoes.
power line sneakers light wall
The cool part is that you can rearrange the shoes any way you want, sliding them along the power line to give you light where you need it. And unlike real shoes over the power lines, nobody will think your neighborhood is a drug dealing hot spot (ok, maybe they will but it has nothing to do with this lamp!) Neat lamp if that’s your thing. (via gizmodo)