DIY Bouncy Balls Kit

Is there any kid’s toy more classic than the ol’ bouncy ball? Kids have enjoyed them for generations, bouncing them around the house, breaking lamps, losing them in sewers, and just having fun. But kids of today don’t want some random color they get from the quarter machine- they want to design their own style balls. They can with the Creative Kids DIY Magic Bouncy Balls kit. There’s enough materials in here to make about 43 balls, so it’s great for party favors and for the kids who constantly bounce them over the fence into your mean neighbor’s yard.

The set includes 25 bags of powder crystals in varying neon shades and 5 ball molds. The process is quite simple- just pour the mix into the molds, submerge in warm water to harden, and then the hardest part (for kids anyway)- wait 10 minutes for it to harden. It’s safe and non-toxic. Unlike other craft projects that end up sitting on a shelf or stashed away in your basement, these are actually usable and fun when complete. So bounce away.