The Trivet That’s Also a Ping Pong Net

ping pong trivet
This trivet converts into a ping pong net. That makes no sense at all and all the sense in the world. Because why not? The CorkNet is made out of… cork, naturally. You can stack the two halves to make a level trivet to keep hot pots and pans off your counter. But while you’re waiting for your food to heat up, separate the parts and place them upright on your table to make a ping pong net. A round of table tennis while you wait? Bet you can’t do that with a macrame trivet your kid made in camp this summer (actually you probably sorta could…)
table tennis trivet
Smartly the CorkNet has a spherical cutout to hold a ping pong ball when you’re not playing games. Any table or kitchen island can become a ping pong table. Combined the parts make a “net” that’s 31.5″ wide. Take it with you. For maximum kitchen playtime you should probably use frying pans for racquets but if you want to be boooooring you can use regular ones. Fun kitchen gadget.