Review: Portable Ping Pong Set

We received this really fun Portable Ping Pong Set from Convenient Gadgets to test out and review and if you couldn’t tell by the first “fun” in this sentence, it’s a lot of fun. The set comes with everything you need to take a game of ping pong with you- two paddles, two balls, an expandable net, and a soft drawstring bag. The net is adjustable to any width up to 6 feet wide and it has sturdy rubber padding under the weighted legs to keep it firmly in place on any surface without any mounting.

That’s right- any surface. You don’t need a ping pong table to play, you just need a table. Heck you don’t even need that- any flat surface will do- a piece of wood, kitchen island, a bar, the hood of your 1978 Caddy, the floor- anything. The other cool thing about this set is the retractable handles on the paddles. Push the button and the handle slides in for storage and traveling. In the overhead shot below you can see the net’s winding mechanism on the left and ping pong ball storage inside the right post.

We had a lot of fun playing with this set- it was easy to set up, adjust, and take down and certainly way more portable than hauling around a full size ping pong table everywhere. The retractable paddles did have a different playing feel than traditional paddles (since they are made of out plastic instead of wood) but then again playing on the kitchen table felt different than traditional ping pong too. You could easily toss in your own paddle if you’re picky like that. Everything cinched up neatly in the travel bag and it can easily be thrown into a backpack or car trunk. Overall it’s a great value at just $32.95 and a lot of fun.

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