Suction Cup Shower Foot Rest

If you’ve ever tried to lift your leg up in the shower to wash your feet or shave your legs and used the soap dish to hold yourself up you know that this can be both uncomfortable, dangerously unsteady, and probably caused you lots of unnecessary bending. Now there’s a dedicated foot rest for the shower- the Mommy’s Helper Safer Grip Foot Rest.

This suction cup mounted ledge provides you with a wide spot to rest your foot for balance and support in the shower. Place it exactly where you need it for maximum comfort. Not stated in the product description but this is also an ideal product for more, ummm, “amorous” couples who shower together (yes it’s the same product sold in some adult stores for 50% more). Busy folks can reposition it as needed.

3 thoughts on “Suction Cup Shower Foot Rest

  1. Sadly, we’ve tried at least 3 different types of this kind of product on several types of bathroom tile, and none of them stick very long or well at all. I wish it worked, it’s such a great idea. That’s why I’ve tried so many different models. Maybe this one is better though…

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