Pocket Shower for Backcountry Cleanliness

After a long hike in the backcountry there’s nothing you want more than a nice shower to clean off all that sweat and dirt (other than maybe a good camping meal or a real bed and your TV). With the Sea to Summit Pocket Shower you can bring the shower with you in a lightweight highly portable camping gear item. It is also the ideal thing to bring to a camping music festival to cool you off after a long day of dancing.

The Pocket Shower is a 2.6 gallon sack that has a showerhead at it’s base and is hung via a pair of D rings. The dark fabric soaks up the sun to heat up the water for a nice hot camping shower. The shower holds enough water for an 8 minute shower and weighs just 4.25 ounces when zipped up into it’s pouch. The Sea to Summit Pocket Shower can also be opened up and used as a dry sack for your clothing or other camping gear.

Product page at US Outdoor Store:
Sea to Summit Pocket Shower

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