The Plunge Water Slide and Pool

banzai plunge water slide pool
Summer time is coming and it means one thing and one thing only- keeping the kids occupied and out of your hair for a bit so you can actually enjoy the warm weather. And what better way than to turn your backyard into a mini-waterpark with the Banzai The Plunge Water Slide? What makes this one different than all the other water slides we’ve covered over the years? The giant pool at the bottom! It’s like getting a water slide and an inflatable pool in one package.
Other inflatable water slides have a small pool at the bottom for landing, but The Plunge has a 12 foot diameter splash pool at the bottom. Great for those kids too small to climb up the 9’6″ tall water slide. The whole thing comes with a blower and inflates in under 3 minutes. It uses both stakes and a pair of water-filled (40lbs worth) anchor bags on the sides of the slide to keep it firmly in place. With a 120 pound weight limit on the slide, it’s super summer fun for kids of a wide range of ages. Take the plunge!


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